4 Wheel Parts 35×12.50R17LT Tire, Xtreme R/T – 871235

Find the right size 4 Wheel Parts 35×12.50R17LT Tire, Xtreme R/T – 871235 for your vehicle.

The 4 Wheel Parts 35×12.50R17LT Tire, Xtreme R/T – 871235s are made for different vehicles and wheel sizes. We can help you find the right 4 Wheel Parts tires for your Off-Road vehicle, truck or SUV.

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The 4 Wheel Parts 35×12.50R17LT Tire, Xtreme R/T – 871235 are priced as low as $299.99 USD depending on size. The size of tire depends on the wheel size of your vehicle, whether you have stock or custom wheels. To see if these tires fits your vehicle, please click on the Choose Vehicle for Price button and proceed to next easy steps. 4 Wheel Parts tires are compatible and fit most 4×4 Off-Road vehicles, trucks and SUV’s.

4 Wheel Parts tires come in a variety types and different uses. These tires are available to be used for Wet, Dry, as well as Winter/Snow. Choosing the proper tires for your vehicle will make a world of difference, the most important being, safety. The right tires also are capable to improve performance, comfort and increase fuel efficiency. These 4 Wheel Parts 35×12.50R17LT Tire, Xtreme R/T – 871235 are a great choice if you are looking for this size tire.

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Extreme Off-Road Performance, Exceptional On Road Handling Introducing the new 4 Wheel Parts Xtreme R/T Tires! These tires provide excellent ride comfort on the open road, as well as extreme traction on the trail! On-Road Features Ride comfort on the open road! High ratio contact area- maximizes road contactproviding exceptional grip and stability, even while towing. Lasts longer 25% longer tread life than a leading MT. It’s Quieter 90% less road noise than a leading MT. Off-Road Features Extreme traction on the trail! Robust tread design Designed to tackle the toughest terrain. Thick 3-ply sidewall Provides maximum protection from off-road hazards. Off-Set shoulder blocks Claw uneven terrain for maximum traction. Open shoulder grooves and mud ejectors – evacuate debris, dirt and mudensuring maximum traction on the trail. Available While Supplies Last – Limited Quantities Available ;Size: 35×12.50R17LT;Side Wall: Black;Overall Diameter: 34.5;Load Range: E;Max Load: 3195 lbs;Tread Depth: 19/32;Max PSI: 65;Speed Rating: Q;Tread Type: Hybrid Terrain;Rim Range: 8.5-11;Ply Construction: 10;3-Ply Sidewalls;50,000 miles warranty;